Holding structures
Swiss holding structures are regulated by federal and cantonal authorities and can offer a wide spectrum of significant tax advantages to international companies

Swiss companies are considered an attractive entity to hold international participations

Swiss company constitution
Swiss companies are to be established by a Swiss notary and are well known and appreciated by international business requirements

Off-shore company constitution
With the implementation of the “AeoI”, the eligibility for off-shore companies should be considered differently

Corporate finance
Corporate finance is tailor made and has to be understood in addition to the big market players

Risk advisory services
A proper and effective risk evaluation is the key for a prospective business

Corporate Taxation
Swiss corporate taxation related to any international business is part of our core activity

Business Services
Complete administrative services in order to support the current activity of Swiss companies

Accounting Payroll administration
Accounting, payroll & social fee administration for Swiss companies

VAT administration
VAT registration, administration and accounting for all company related operations within Switzerland

Board of Directors
Putting at disposal of qualified Board Members for Swiss and/or off-shore companies

Our headquarters offers the possibility to domicile your company