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Swiss Company Structures

Swiss Company Structures

Depending on your company’s specific needs we will devise the most suitable corporate structure and talk you through and assist you with all the necessary steps to be taken in setting up a Swiss company. Swiss law knows a variety of different corporate structures with their own specific advantages and limitations. The most commonly used structure is the stock company (“Aktiengesellschaft”) and the company with limited liability (“GmbH”).

A key component of establishing such a structure is the deposit of a minimum start-up capital. We will help you set up an account with a Swiss bank to hold the paid-up capital. Once the deposit has been transferred to the dedicated account, it is a matter of only a few days to complete the notary deed as well as the formal notification of the founding of your company and registering it with the cantonal commercial registry of your choice.

Once the registration has been completed at the registry, the newly founded company can open a corporate bank account. The opening of the account will be subject to the bank’s compliance procedures.

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